Queseria La Payenga

The cheese

The cheese master, Sikko Boonstra, was born in Holland, where he first fell in love with the art of cheese making. After 20 years of running a cheese shop in Berlin, as well as several seasons of crafting cheese in the Alps of Switzerland, he started up his own farm and cheese makery in El Payo, Spain.

In El Payo, the cheese is crafted through traditional Swiss methods, starting with milk in a large pot and adding heat with a wood oven.

Sikko’s cheesemaking influences leads to a special Spanish cheese, with unique Swiss and Dutch flavors.

The goats

The herd currently consists of 200 energetic goats. They are herded every day in the natural Spanish fields, led by the goatherd and his sheepdogs, where they spend hours peacefully grazing. In the summer, they graze in Monte Publico of El Payo, and in the winter, when there is not as much grass in the fields, they move to Sierra de Gata, where it is five degrees warmer.

We only use the highest quality milk, which can only be produced by strong healthy goats raised the right way, from nursing with their mother as a kid to grazing in fields every day as an adult. While it would be much easier to leave the goats in the stable and give them processed goatfeed, we believe in this process because it is the natural way to raise healthy goats.